Working Groups & Meetings

The Rockhampton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Meetings are divided into working groups and meetings, which each serve a different purpose.

The Big Group

This group is where all of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community can come together to discuss what we want to change, what barriers we want to address and how to put these ideas into action.

Education Working Group

This Group focuses on tackling issues which our mob face in Education. This can be across Kindy, Primary, Highschool and Tertiary. Examples of the work which has stemmed from this group is the Rockhampton Schools Report Card which looked to address school suspensions and disengagement for our children.

Youth Justice/ Justice System Working Group

This Group focuses on reducing over representation across the whole system. More specifically, looking at ways in which we can reduce the number of our people on orders, bail, in detention and engaging in at risk behaviours. This group has a large focus on how to stop repeat offending, break cycles and support when in detention/ corrections and post release. They are also looking at early intervention programs and educations to help reduce risk factors.

Youth Committee Working Group

This Group is for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Young people aged 15 to 25 years of age. This group is focused around creating safe spaces in order to instil confidence and build strong voices for our young people.

How are groups decided upon?

We form our groups on a basis of want and need through the voice of the community, at the Big Group Meeting. Everything we action is a direct result from community voice.