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Big Group Meeting Minutes – Friday 13 March 2020

13 March 2020

Rockhampton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Meetings Big Group Minutes

Welcome to Country:  Tarryn Cora

Attendees Introductions

Information for new attendees – MG (Qld. Government representative:  Phillip Brooks

Deputy Director-General – Department of Youth Justice and Nicole Trousdell

Regional Director of Youth Justice Central Queensland)

What has happened since the last time we met (2 August 2019)” (PowerPoint Presentation) – Mick Gooda

Education Working Group Overview – Matthew Hill, Seini Tonga, Ty Ernst

Stocklands Shopping Centre – Nyoka, shopping centre RAPs i.e. employment, CBA, is it legal for our kids to be searched?  Advice needed on the process of searching kids (racial profiling).  Kids rights.

YJ presentation regarding rights (Rose Malone).  Community Policing Board meetings are opened for community participation.  Community organisations need to be accountable (NGOs) – from Government down to front-line staff.  Idea – organisations to make a presentation to the Big Group on what they do – (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers) – convene a meeting.  PBC needs to be involved.  MG to meet with DPBC.

Youth Forum Report – Nyoka Fetoa’i, Seini Tonga, Ty Ernst presenting.

Walking Together to Make Things Better” (Inaugural Rockhampton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Forum 2019).

Next Big Group meeting address the findings of this report.  Mentoring, educating teachers.  Conduct a meeting to look at the report’s findings.

Establish a working group to address the recommendations from the Youth Forum Report:  Laurel Mason, Letitia Smith, Aunty Carol Willie, Uncle Poi Pensio, Paul Gooda, Barry Jard, Brittany Cheel


 Items to follow up on:

  • What the legal rights of our young people being searched by shop owners. We will seek legal advice about this.  Possibly inviting the Community Policing Board to tell us what they do.  (Question:  Youth Justice or Big Group to present to)
  • How do we include members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders’ Dreaming Circle?
  • Youth Justice – Rose Malone. Phillip Brooks (YJ in Qld).  ‘Umbrella’ organisation to bring Aunty Carol, Barry Jard, Lorraine Lawton, Kim Thursby, Peta Steedman, Clem Beezley (add to YJ email list – next meeting soon) to talk with Phillip and Nicole about how we can go forward with this idea (extra funding – YJ Initiative) – Co-responder Model (de-escalate and divert young people and work within the family ecosystem).
  • Invitation to be sent to the Human Rights Commissioner (YJ or Big Group meeting responsibility)