Our Voice Matters

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rocky Community Meetings was initially started by a group of passionate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, on a volunteer basis. They recognised that something had to be done about the crime and the way our mob were being dealt with at Stocklands Rockhampton and through the Youth Justice system.

As a group we offer safe spaces and a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community voices to be heard and actioned in a meaningful way. The meetings operate from a Collective Impact Framework which is centred around giving power back to community to make decisions on things which are important to them.

We form our groups on a basis of need and through the voice of the community. Everything we action is a direct result from community wants and needs. We listen to our mobs’ voices and build from the ground up.


2019 Annual Community School Report Card

10 August 2021

A summary of data for Indigenous students at main secondary schools in the Rockhampton and Livingstone LGAs. Download PDF


Central Queensland Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Data

4 August 2021


Big Group Meeting Minutes – Friday 21 May 2021

21 May 2021

Location – The Dreamtime Cultural Centre, Rockhampton 4701 Attendees – Kadie Askov, Megan Malone, Carol Walker, Melissa Levi, Health Daley, George James, Thalep Ahmat, Barry Jard, Mick Gooda, Delilah MacGillivray, Frances Comollatti,


Big Group Meeting Minutes – Friday 13 March 2020

13 March 2020

Rockhampton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Meetings Big Group Minutes Welcome to Country:  Tarryn Cora Attendees Introductions Information for new attendees – MG (Qld. Government representative:  Phillip Brooks Deputy Director-General –